London at Sunset

I have an obsession with the sky.  Blue skies, pink skies, grey skies... they all offer the most admirable views. Sometimes we often forget to look up and see what’s above us, the skies at sunrise or sunset offer the most amazing breathtaking views that often goes unnoticed.  So here is a collection of London... Continue Reading →

Weekend in Paris – Day 2

Saturday in Paris, the weather was amazing and what better way to start the weekend than at the Louvre Museum? Only €15 and a 5 minute queue, I was super excited to finally step inside the famous museum. It’s impossible to see everything inside the museum, but having a map provided in English definitely helped... Continue Reading →

Weekend in Paris – Day 1

The last couple of months have been a crazy rollercoaster for me. I planned an amazing beach holiday for my birthday back in June, but due to unforeseen circumstances I had to cancel it. But I still needed a break, just a little break away from London. So I opted for a weekend in Paris.... Continue Reading →

Sky High

Could you imagine zip lining from East London to South East London? Nope. Me neither. So I decided the try out the next best thing... the Emirates Air Line. The Emirates Air Line is a cable car flying from both North Greenwich in South East London to Royal Victoria in East London. I felt a... Continue Reading →

Views From The Top

I never knew how much I loved my city until I started exploring it. Exploring comes more naturally than travelling. You’re not required to get on a plane to find beauty in another country or city. When you explore, you can find the details in the small things. The things you never really paid attention... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Awareness Day

Today, 10th October, is Mental Health Awareness Day, and I wanted to share my story on my own battles with mental health. Growing up was never easy for me, I’ve felt the force of depression, anxiety and PTSD.  As a child I grew up with depression, but I didn’t know it. I thought it was... Continue Reading →

Kyoto Garden

Hidden away in Holland Park is the beautiful Kyoto Garden. I wanted to explore new settings that offered more than just the average park views. I’ve always been obsessed with waterfalls, for bringing a sense of inner peace just from listening to the water gushing down. Waterfalls are not something you will find in a... Continue Reading →

Returning To The Scene…

...of the crime. It’s been 82 days.. 82 days since my life changed. Today I returned to Finsbury Park, specifically back to the exact point where it all happened (the rupturing of my Brain aneurysm). I just stood there, admiring my near death experience and all those feelings came rushing back. The park was empty... Continue Reading →

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